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What is UInno?

What is


UInno stands for Up-Skilling unemployed and low skilled workers in self-centered innovation approaches, to empower their self-employability potentials through start-ups and SMEs. This project aims to develop a training package to equip with innovation and entrepreneurship skills long term unemployed and adults in less favourable social and economic conditions who are potential entrepreneurs and startup creators.

The UInno training package will be provided in a full digital format based on eLearning pedagogies, work-based online learning, and collaboration.


of the project

• To develop a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation among EU citizens
• To support inclusive training initiatives and digital inclusion for all
To recognize skills and qualifications transparently
To develop the EU as a knowledge-based society 


Development of the Innovation Management and Utilization in New Entrepreneurs and Adult Education Ecosystem and Methodological Framework (eBook)


Skills Assessment, Validation and Recognition Tools


Curriculum and Adult Education Toolbox of Key Skills Acquisition Resources


Multifunctional and Interactive Platform - Open educational & training e-resource


Infusion of the Adult Education on Innovation Management and Utilization in New Entrepreneurs  in relevant National and EU Economy – Adaptation and Policy Package